Mission Awards Honorees

The 2022 Mission Awards Honorees are Nishah Dupuis, Liz Olson, Mary Ann Starkovich-Hirsch, and Trish Binesii’Ikwe Staine. Learn more about all of the honorees below, and join us for the awards ceremony at Greysolon Ballroom on October 26, 2022.

Mission Catalyst:

Nishah Dupuis is first, and foremost, a mother, daughter, sister, and niece. Nishah is the supervisor of the ICW  (Indian Child Welfare) Unit at St. Louis County. She provides training throughout the State of Minnesota increasing the understanding of and competency for implementing  ICWA through the Tribal Training Certification Partnership with the University of Minnesota. Nishah has dedicated her professional career to work for her community and relatives; striving to create a community for
her children, and those who come seven generations from now, where they do not have the same fights or oppressions we face today. She found inspiration from her family and relatives that have continued to put our future generations at the forefront of the work. 

Mission Leader:

Liz Olson serves as the Deputy Majority Leader, Speaker Pro Tempore and Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Liz’s work is rooted in engaging and mobilizing the community around a shared vision of a more just and compassionate community. Representative Olson helped develop and implement programs to expand healthcare access during her time at Generations Health Care Initiatives. During her time at TakeAction she led an initiative to form the Vision Duluth coalition, which has advanced a number of shared policy priorities; including Earned Sick and Safe time. She found inspiration from Dr. Janelle Wilson and Susana Pelayo-Woodward during her time at UMD that led her down the path to elected office.

Mission Leader:

Mary Ann Starkovich-Hirsch currently works as an RN at St. Mary’s Medical Center on the Vascular Access Team. She is also Co-Chair for the bargaining unit representing the RNs at three Essentia facilities, who are all under the same Minnesota Nurses Association contract. Mary Ann attended William Kelley High School in Silver Bay and went on to graduate from the College of St. Scholastica. Nursing has been evolving to become a profession for both men and women, but for many years it was a female dominated profession. Her passion is representing her fellow nurses to empower them to have a better work environment and work/life balance. She has been inspired by many mentors over the years, all strong women, unwavering in their convictions. 

Mission Leader:

Trish Binesii’Ikwe Staine is a mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, auntie, foster mother, social worker, community trainer for the Tribal Training and Certification Partnership, Kwepack member, artist, and mentor. She has spent over 17 years in the child welfare field, and is a Tribal Member. Trish holds a Master’s of Science in Education. She is passionate about being visible, surrounded by people who are aligned in empowering each other, acknowledging past journeys, and actively striving toward a healthier future. Her inspiration comes from her ancestors and her future, as well as her relatives, husband, and children. 

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