Young Mothers Program Case Manager

Job Title:  Case Manager

Reports To:  Young Mothers Program Director

Classification: Non-exempt, union qualifying

Starting Wage Range: $16.45 – $17.15 per hour, based on experience 

Hours: 40 hours a week, 10am -6pm Monday-Friday, some alternate hours as needed  

Benefits: Sick, vacation and holiday pay, health and dental insurance offerings, retirement after two years, training, flexibility, meaningful work.

General Description:

The Case Manager manages daily operations, all programming and service aspects of the Young Mother’s Supportive Transitional Housing Program; including health and wellness, outreach services to current and former residents, and works with Youth Advocates to ensure duties are being performed as assigned. Case managers carry a caseload of up to 15 young mom’s, providing all individual case management services. The case manager assists the Young Mother’s Program Director as needed in administration, curriculum, and policy development and other duties as assigned. 


  • Minimum of three years experience working with high-risk youth 
  • Must be at least 21 years old 
  • Ability and past experience working with diverse racial populations 
  • Ability to handle crises, problem solve, make judgments or decisions independently, appropriately and quickly as needed 
  • Excellent communication skills, verbally and in writing 
  • Excellent organization and tracking skills 
  • Knowledge and/or experience providing providing trauma informed care 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team 
  • An essential understanding of and commitment to the fundamental principles of the YWCA’s mission

Desired Qualifications:

  • AA or Bachelor’s Degree in Health/Medical field, social services, or equivalent experience
  • Experience providing case management, advocacy or wrap around services
  • Knowledge of race and gender disparities 
  • Knowledge of vulnerable adult laws 
  • Experience with HMIS or PORT reporting systems 
  • Skilled in youth work, maternal, and prenatal/ postpartum health 
  • Ability and past experience leading groups


  • Uphold and further the mission of the YWCA 
  • Conduct outreach, recruit and screen new young mom’s 
  • Develop and implement an outreach and recruitment plan for the program 
  • Meet with all referral sources at least quarterly 
  • Build relationships with service providers, community organizations, and medical providers; provide informational sessions to service providers likely to refer to the program
  • Recruit, screen and determine eligibility and appropriateness for the program ○ Conduct intakes and provide tours of the facility 
  • Maintain a waiting list 
  • Provide case management, referrals, access to basic needs for all young mom’s who are in the process of screening and intake or are on the waiting list 
  • Ensure all potential residents have a VI-SPDAT and are entered into the coordinated entry system 
  • Provide case management for residents and their children 
  • Create a individualized case management plan with each resident to include: ■ An Individual living skills assessment, personalized goals for each area of learning and an individual abuse prevention plan 
  • Education and work goals 
  • Connect and sign up residents with child care center 
  • Ensuring residents and their children have health insurance, primary physicians and access to all forms of medical, dental and mental health care 
  • Assist residents in accessing legal documents, identification and transcripts, credit reports, school records and other information they need to be successful 
  • Assist residents in establishing income and a rental history 
  • Assist residents in establishing transportation sources for their needs 
  • Obtain needed releases to coordinate services with providers 
  • Meet at least weekly with each resident to review their plan and assist them in accomplishing their goals 
  • Provide coaching and support for residents who need help accessing services and resources (scheduling appointments, filling out applications/paperwork, sending emails or making phone calls 
  • Refer all residents to the Public Health Nurse home visiting program (physical and mental health screenings, assessment of child’s growth and development, individualized support for parenting, feeding, bathing and providing medical care to their child) 
  • Plan activities and programming that meet the needs of the program participants as well as grant funded activities to include: 
  • Nutrition, cooking, meal planning 
  • Budgeting, financial literacy, career and work readiness 
  • Parenting classes – Circles of Security 
  • Healthy relationships, sexuality and trafficking risk 
  • Early literacy – storytime and book mobile 
  • Child safety:CPR/first aid, car seat installation and safety, sleep safety and shaken baby syndrome 
  • Provide opportunities for residents to plan activities, take leadership positions, influence programming, and provide feedback on the policies. 
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and service in the the community 
  • Connect residents to community resources by physically bring them to the source
  • Advocate for the needs of young mothers within the legal, housing, social services and educational systems
  • Develop and maintain information about community services and programs for program participants
  • Maintain a network of contacts and referral sources
  • Plan and coordinate the day-to-day activities of the Supportive Transitional Housing Program in accordance with the Children’s Residential Facility License and all of its funding
  • Plan activities and programming with the Director of the Young Mothers Program that meet the needs of the program participants as well as grant funded activities
  • Provide groups, classes learning opportunities
  • Coordinate speakers, presenters and outside programs providing in house services or education
  • Provide field trips and experiences in the community
  • Organize family outings for the young mom;s (picnic, playground)
  • Provide daily tasks to be completed for Youth Advocates
  • Ensure the seven apartments are kept full 
  • Develop and coordinate strategies to move current residents from stabilization towards long term self sufficiency
  • Work with residents as they transition out of supportive housing to ensure they have a positive transition – complete transition plan form
  • Identify barriers and work with participants and community resources to address and overcome barriers
  • Coordinate case management services to participants
  • Encourage participants to continue to utilize parenting and other life skill services at Spirit Valley 
  • Provide aftercare Services
  • Provide aftercare services to young mom’s who have transitioned out of the program for two years including referrals, education, advocacy and direct assistance with basic needs
  • Reach out monthly to all young mom’s in aftercare
  • Invite all young mom’s to program activities
  • Administration and data collection for grant funding reporting.
  • Collection of required data for quarterly funding reports
  • Maintain a database of participants and services utilized
  • Maintain resident files in accordance with licensing and funding requirements


  • Act as a YWCA spokesperson when requested 
  • Abide by current YWCA safety regulations as defined by OSHA, Fire Department and other regulatory agencies 
  • Participate in housing and social service meetings at the Program Director’s request 
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances 
  • Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds 

Ability to use arms, hands, legs and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job, including evacuation of the building during emergencies


  • Justice – Believe, and work to create, an equitable community that values the worth of all women and girls
  • Social Change – Participate in efforts that make a significant impact on societal attitudes, behaviors, policies and laws to advance economic, political and gender equity
  • Empowerment/Freedom – Believe all women and girls have the right to define themselves and their own lives as they see fit.
  • Inclusion 
  • Work towards the full participation of ALL women and girls in every level of our organization and community.
  • Collaboration – Believe that by working together we can accomplish more and have greater results.

If you are interested or have any questions about the position please contact or email your resume:

Natasha – 218.624-5451 

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