Spirit Valley Maintenance Staff

Job Title:  Spirit Valley Maintenance Staff

Classification: Part time/Hourly

Reports To:  Young Mothers Program Director

General Description: The Maintenance Worker is responsible for all indoor and outdoor maintenance of our YWCA Spirit Valley property as well as specific cleaning responsibilities.


  • Experience in building maintenance
  • Must be able to work with people and do general maintenance repairs.
  • Physical capabilities and stamina to complete job tasks.
  • Ability to communicate and relate to diverse populations
  • Ability to handle crises, problem solve, make judgments or decisions independently, appropriately and
    quickly as needed to ensure the well-being and safety of clients, staff and facility.
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • An essential understanding of and commitment to the fundamental principles of the YWCA’s mission.


  • Uphold and further the mission of the YWCA
  • Must execute plans to assure that the following building systems are maintained in good operating
    o Heating and cooling systems
    o Fire alarms
    o Plumbing systems
    o Structural systems
    o Mechanical systems
    o Electrical systems
  • Set up/clean meeting room areas to accommodate scheduled requests.
  • Assure that routine maintenance schedule is followed.
  • Coordinate contractors as needed.
  • Make determination/decision to make an emergency call to contractors when no one else is available to make this decision.
  • Organize/clean out storage shed annually
  • Maintain adequate inventory of maintenance and cleaning supplies.
  • Clean garbage containers and disinfect at least two times per week.
  • Shovel snow and remove ice when necessary from sidewalks.
  • Cut grass and weed whip at Spirit Valley facility when necessary.
  • Work with Leadership Council relating to maintenance and upkeep of buildings.
  • Clean common areas such as hallways, entryways and meeting rooms and other cleaning as requested.
  • Manage recycling, to include: kitchen refuse, light bulbs, and old electronics
  • Financial responsibilities: use of PO process.
  • Weekly inspection of playground and playground toys/equipment for safety concerns: cracked or broken equipment/toys, tripping hazards, fences, boarders, gates, etc. are secure and functioning properly, weeds and shrubs are trimmed and cleared so that teachers have a clear view of children at all times
  • Respond to and schedule routine maintenance requests from Supportive Housing tenants and/or Young Mothers program staff using the request for maintenance form
  • Serve as a member of the Safety Committee
  • Act as a YWCA spokesperson when appropriate.
  • Abide by current YWCA safety regulations as defined by OSHA, Fire Department and other regulatory agencies. Arrange training for program staff to maintain the safety of all clients and staff.
  • Support the mission of the YWCA
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Ability to hear the conversational voice with or without a hearing aid.
  • Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances.
  • Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to use arms, hands, legs and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job, including evacuation of the building during emergencies.


  • Justice – Believe, and work to create, an equitable community that values the worth of all women and girls
  • Social Change – Participate in efforts that make a significant impact on societal attitudes, behaviors, policies and laws to advance economic, political and gender equity
  • Empowerment/Freedom – Believe all women and girls have the right to define themselves and their own lives as they see fit.
  • Inclusion 
  • Work towards the full participation of ALL women and girls in every level of our organization and community.
  • Collaboration – Believe that by working together we can accomplish more and have greater results.

Starting Pay Range: $13.45/hour or more based on experience

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