Early Childhood Center Site Coordinator

Job Title: Early Childhood Site Coordinator 

Reports to: Early Childhood Director 

Starting Pay: $19.00-21.00 based on experience


The Early Childhood Site Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the Early Childhood Center. This position directly supervises and supports center teachers and volunteers, and assists the Early Childhood Director as needed in administration, curriculum, and policy development. 


  • Two-year degree in education, social work, psychology or communication with an interest in families and children and meet the requirements for teacher qualification according to the State of Minnesota Rule 3 
  • Two years’ experience working with children/families 
  • Experience with program administration 
  • Ability to handle crises, problem solve, make judgments or decisions appropriately and quickly as needed to ensure the well-being and safety of clients, staff, and facility 
  • An essential understanding of and commitment to the fundamental principles of the YWCA of Duluth mission 
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment including familiarity with computers and various software 
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance with access to a vehicle 
  • First Aid and CPR certification or the ability to be certified if employed 
  • Successful completion of a criminal background check 


  • Uphold and further the mission of YWCA of Duluth 

Staff Supervision 

  • Develop a staff schedule to ensure that daily required ratios are met 
  • Provide direct supervision to Early Childhood staff 
  • Maintain a current list of substitutes and ensure all substitutes are properly trained 
  • Ensure that routines, policies, procedures, daily plans, and program goals are adhered to. i.e. Rule 3 licensing
  • Identify and address staff training needs, including tracking staff training hours as required by Rule 3 
  • Give appropriate support and direction to Early Childhood staff 
  • Coordinate with Director in completing staff evaluations 
  • Orientate new staff and volunteers to YWCA of Duluth policies and procedures 
  • Monitor staff time cards and turn them in on required days 
  • Monitor Staff Background studies as required by Rule 3 

Program Planning/Operations 

  • Maintain maximum enrollment numbers in each room 
    • Maintain waiting lists and transition schedule 
    • Update and keep stocked current enrollment packets and handbooks 
    • Conduct pre-enrollment interviews with families 
    • Conduct tours with prospective families 
  • Attend and/or facilitate all regularly scheduled staff meetings and staff training 
  • Instruct teachers in the use of curriculum guidelines 
  • Conduct visits to classrooms for teacher observations, provide coaching, goal setting, and reflective feedback 
  • Assist teachers with teaching preparations such as program content and lesson plans
  • Work with Director to implement staff trainings and coordinate professional development opportunities 
  • Become competent with the Anti-Bias approach and work with the staff in implementing the Anti-Bias Curriculum 
  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations and work cooperatively to provide a quality early childhood program 
  • Participate in training programs to remain current in the training and development field 
  • Provide weekly opportunities for teachers to reflect, as staffing allows  
  • Ensure that a safe environment is established for children at all times, following established policies and procedures 
  • Ensure cleanliness and orderliness of sites, supplies and equipment 
  • Arrange for purchase of needed program equipment and supplies 
  • Communicate any maintenance needs or questions 
  • Substitute for teachers in the classroom as needed 

Oversee the St. Louis County Social Services billings and paperwork. 

  • Assure that CCAP attendance and approval records are kept current and accurate  
  • Communicate with St. Louis County workers on a frequent basis about client approval and billing/payment questions 
  • Fill out bi-weekly billing vouchers in a timely manner 
  • Collect parent co-pays & tuition & issue receipts

Oversee the MN Early Learning scholarships and any additional scholarships 

  • Recruit and assist eligible parents to apply for the Early Learning scholarships. 
  • Assure that Early Learning scholarship attendance and approval records are kept current and accurate. 
  • Communicate with Early Learning workers on a frequent basis about questions ● Fill out bi-weekly billing vouchers in a timely manner 


  • Act as a YWCA spokesperson when appropriate 
  • Abide by current YWCA safety regulations as defined by OSHA, Fire Department and other regulatory agencies. 
  • Support the mission of the YWCA 
  • Other duties as assigned 


  • Ability to hear the conversational voice with or without a hearing aid. 
  • Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances. 
  • Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds 
  • Ability to use arms, hands, legs and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job, including evacuation of the building during emergencies. 


  • Justice – Believe and work to create an equitable community that values the worth of all women and girls 
  • Social Change – Participate in efforts that make a significant impact on societal attitudes, behaviors, policies and laws to advance economic, political and gender equity 
  • Empowerment/Freedom – Believe all women and girls have the right to define themselves and their own lives as they see fit. 
  • Inclusion – Work towards the full participation of ALL women and girls in every level of our organization and community. 
  • Collaboration – Believe that by working together we can accomplish more and have greater impact.

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