Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives

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The Breast Cancer Awareness Program has provided outreach, education, and referral to no-cost clinical breast exams and mammograms to women 40 and over. We have connected with the community to reach women who are under-served because of barriers due to race, income, sexual orientation, language, and culture.

On a yearly basis, our Breast Cancer Awareness Program has reached well over 4,000 community members, and the Health and Wellness Program is interested in breaking down medical-system barriers that many women face due to differences in culture, race, economics, gender, and sexual identity.

Public education has been provided on the guidelines of when mammography should be started. We encourage everyone to visit their primary care provider yearly for annual clinical breast exams and other preventative screenings, including discussing when to start mammograms: at age 40 (from the American Cancer Society), or 50 (from the National Preventive Services Task Force), unless there are other circumstances to consider (such as a mother or sister with breast cancer) to warrant earlier mammography.

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Program has been supported by the Avon Foundation and by community funds raised by our annual Mother’s Day Walk Run. For 31 years now, the Annual Mother’s Day Walk Run has provided an opportunity for thousands of mothers, breast cancer survivors, and community supporters to come together and make visible the need for more awareness on women’s health issues.

For women 40 and over with no health insurance, we have connected them with the Minnesota Department of Health Sage program for obtaining free medical visits for breast and cervical exams, Pap smears, and screening mammograms. Plus, Sage covers many additional diagnostic services if needed. For more information, please call 218-722-7425, extension 126, or 888-6-HEALTH.